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  Seven Quick Years at First Froots



Wow! How time flies.

It seems only yesterday that we started packing orders in our warehouse in Lonsdale. The warehouse was set up with old doors on drums as benches, one vehicle (a 10 year old clapped out van) and orders by phone, spreadsheet, email or fax!

Seven years later the warehouse has doubled in size, has been insulated and air conditioned. Also a butcher preparatory area, multiple cool rooms and freezers have been added. 

The Muller family (left to right):

Peter, Lesley, Suzy, Karen, Craig and Abbie.

And of course, the original 100 products (all fruit and veg) have now increased to thousands with the addition of not just the meat, but also dairy, bakery, seafood, organics and grocery lines.

The world wide web has grown from dial up to high speed broadband making ordering much quicker and easier. 

We are surviving the GFC and extreme competition from the large supermarkets as we see them lure customers and gain as much market share as they can. 

Our fantastic staff has started early, worked late, worked under pressure and travelled from Sellicks Beach to Mount Barker to Elizabeth to deliver fresh and healthy products to families, offices and schools on time. We have seen boys grow into men and new school leavers into qualified packers with over 8 traineeships completed. 

When the butcher shop opened we searched Australia for a qualified butcher, only to find one within 5 km. Greg has managed our quality butchering operation and the full range of meat on the internet as well. 

We taught many customers to order using the internet, even explaining which key was the “any key”! Our First Froots customers have been such a blessing with some customers who have been with us from the beginning now having had over 330 orders!  Many strong friendships have grown over the years. 

The following is part of a beautiful letter that Kylie sent us in 2011...


“When we started ordering from First Froots, we were two busy professionals who were never home and First Froots kept us well fed and good hosts to many parties.

Since then you have helped keep our household running while the ‘cook’ and ‘shopper’ worked interstate for 2 years. You have seen us through our 80 hour weeks, our wedding and our 2 babies. 

As well as always having quality of product every single time, I always appreciate the cheerful & helpful drivers no matter the 40 degrees + or pouring rain.

I tell everyone that will listen how First Froots have helped us eat well and spend well. Thank you so much for the superior product, service and personal touches all these years – look forward to many more!”


We are very grateful to Kylie and the countless others who have encouraged us with wonderful feedback. We also thank you for referring your friends, many of whom have also become valued customers.

For a short time all four of our children worked with us. Craig is now in charge of IT Development and Abbie is Warehouse Supervisor, although they both wear many different hats as each day demands. We are teaching our grandchildren now with our youngest four year old learning how to hydrate ice packs and flatten cardboard boxes! 

We have struggled through our grandson’s eye cancer which caused his blindness. He is now seven years old and his great attitude is an example to us all. 

We have prayed, pruned, budgeted, struggled, developed, made good decisions and bad decisions, worked long hours and sacrificed to be able to continue, but, praise God, it has all been worth it. 

So this is the story behind the website! A South Australian family owned business just doing the best we can to deliver the best produce available. Thank you for ordering, supporting and referring your friends to First Froots. 

May you all have a blessed Christmas as we look forward to the next 7 years!